Not feeling well? Feel better by talking to a doctor
without leaving home!

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We are getting ready to let you fight COVID ferociously and protect your homes by staying inside! When you need health consultations that do not need urgent medical attention, stay home and consult online.

Thru Telehealth, you can conveniently reach out to a doctor or a specialist, without having to leave the confines of your homes. This is how technology helps you against COVID - by allowing you to ditch a run to a hospital or clinic where possible contagion is present. For your regular health complaints and queries just needing medical guidance, try Telehealth.

Benefits for Doctors

Practice anytime, anywhere | Broaden your access to patients | Supports continuity of care | Manage your time and schedules

Accept appointments

Consult with your patients virtually or in person
ehealthcare Telehealth provides you a schedule management and secure way to conduct video or in-person consultations

Receive Payment

Easy cashless payment disbursement

ehealthcare helps you manage your practice, and shares minimally in the professional fees you set

Benefits for Patients

Consult a doctor anytime, anywhere through video

Virtual Consultation

Not feeling well? Feel better by talking to a doctor without leaving home.

ehealthcare helps you find professional to have Virtual Consultation

Schedule appointments

You'll have the luxury to pick the schedule for your Virtual Consultation with healthcare professional
Talk to a doctor now or schedule for later

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